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Big Bag Cardi.


Rapper Cardi B is definitely a hustler and she's continuing to secure the bag. She recently just trademarked her famous saying "OKKKUURRTT". That's right every time you hear the saying, Cardi will be getting paid! No matter your feelings towards the rapper you have to admit she is a GO GETTER. 

Leaving Neverland Chronicles.


As you know HBO has recently aired a 'Leaving Neverland' special which documents sexual abuse allegations involving the King Of Pop Michael Jackson. Since the airing of the special, many countries have pulled MJ's music from their radio stations. Now, as if things could not get any more hectic The Children's Museum of Indianapolis has removed three of MJ's items from their exhibits. Michael had a glove he had worn on stage, a fedora hat and a poster featured in the museum. Michael previously was found not guilty of child molestation charges back in 2005. Is it fair for the public to attack the legacy of MJ if the cases have already been previously settled? Join the conversation on our Instagram page @947thelink.