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94.7 The Link Promo Subscription

Thanks to the internet, the airwaves are flooded with indie artists trying to make a name for themselves. So how do you get noticed in this vast sea of musicians, singers, producers and rappers? By marketing yourself better than the rest.

94.7 the Link offers indie artists access to a large pool of listeners that are unrestricted by their geographical location. In addition to providing you potential fans outside of your area, this also provides your existing fans with more access to your brand. Artist Development and Marketing services includes:

* Artist Development Services 

* Marketing Services

* Mixtape/ Single Hosting

• On-air Radio play to an average of 9000 daily listeners

• Live on-air interview(s)

• Blog, Mix-tape and DJ Pool Placement(s)

• Posters

• Release parties

• Booking live performances

• Social media features with all 94.7 affiliated pages

• Featured promotions on 

• Social media content creation


• Music distribution

• Show Bookings

• Promo gear

• CD bulk copies for re-sale

* Press Conference

• Press Release

• Listening party

and more

Promo services are available for a monthly fee starting at $65 

For more information please contact:

Thomas Pray 

Marketing Manager

Office: (757) 595-0947

Cell: (757) 740-2896

Rochelle Boyce


Office: (757) 595-0947

Text Line : (757)447-0178